Information on Club Feet in Black and White

About Club Feet

Club Feet is a deformity of the feet, the medical name for Club Feet is "Congenital Talipes Equinovarus". When a baby is born with Club Feet, their feet are pointing inwards and downwards.

Baby born with Club Feet The Baby on the left has Club Feet, the baby on the right doesn't. Baby born without Club Feet

There are so many procedures available to correct Club Feet, check the Medical Page.
Most of the time, Club Feet can be corrected at birth, but sometimes, like everything in medicine, it can't.

I have met a few of people who were born with "Congenital Talipes Equinovarus", some of them have a very slight form of Club Feet, some, like me, have a severe type of Club Feet, and some people I know who were born with "Congenital Talipes Equinovarus" which was corrected at birth and don't suffer at all.

Club Feet, As a person

Club Feet, as a person, means many different things, speaking only from my experience.
When I was a young child I could not cross my legs, and having several operations.

Now being 19 Years old, the disadvantages of Club Feet is that I suffer from pain, mainly in one foot, and I can not be on my feet for long periods of time. Club Feet also causes the feet not to grow as much as they should do, which causes lack of balance.

This does not mean that everybody with Club Feet will have the same disadvantages as me, I have had several operations, which have not been very successful.

I was born with Club Feet, and after several operations, I suffer mainly in my left foot. My right foot has not been corrected, and still causes some pain, but my left foot causes the most pain, and I can only really stand up for short periods of time, some days the pain can be ok, and I can be on my feet for about an hour, other days, my feet can be really bad, and I want to sit down after 5 minutes. But as I have said, this is just me, some operations I have had, I feel have made my feet worse.

Read more on my story.

How do you get Club Feet

I have heard several good reasons on the causes of Club Feet, If you have heard one, please Contact me

  1. When lying in the womb, the feet are pressed and therefore making the feet grow inward
  2. When in the womb a nerve in the spine gets caught, therefore stopping the brain sending signals to your feet, making them not turn out and not grow much
  3. Club Feet could be in the genes, but this does not mean that if you have Club Feet, your child will.