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Club Feet

A web site built to give information about Club Feet, built by someone who has born with clubfeet.

What is Club Feet?

Club Feet is a deformity of the feet or foot, also known as Club Foot (on one foot), or Talipes, which comes from the medical name, Congenital Talipes Equinovarus, which means a deformity of the feet and ankle.

Visit the about page for more information about clubfeet and clubfoot.

You are not Alone

There are so many people born with Club Feet, recent statistics say that in the UK (United Kingdom) 1 in every 1,000 children are born with clubfeet or clubfoot.

Having Club Feet does not stop you from doing anything, I have found several celebrities / Famous People who were born with Club Feet or Club Foot, and have become very successful.

Perhaps you would feel better if you read some stories by other people, including my story. Please use the form on the Stories page to add your story.

Forum Update

Due to problems with spam on the forum, I have changed the forum we use on

All users have been added on the new forum but some of the user passwords have been reset, so please use the Password Recovery page to reset your password.

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More Information

If you want more information on Club Feet, visit the medical page, where you can find information on operations, procedures and some information on Pain killers.

Help, Advice and General Chit Chat

By popular request, I have now added a forum where you can give and receive Help and Advice or just have a general chit chat

Your Images

You asked if it was possible to add your images and see more images of Club Feet. Real Images of Club Feet, not medical stories.
Please visit the Images. Please feel free to show the world your images, you do not have to show your face if you are worried.

Did you know that is actually my left foot on the left hand side of this website.


The previous video we had took a lot of bandwidth on the website. I have replaced this with the video hosted by youtube. I have also added some more videos relating to Club Feet. Simply go to our Video page and watch videos relating to Club Feet.
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